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The following are some frequently asked questions which we have provided answers for.  These are some questions clients like yourselves should ask before making a decision to hire a DJ.


1) Is your company registered, incorporated and/or insured ?

We at Jam Mix Productions are all of the above.  We are Incorporated in the State of Delaware and are registered as a corporation in the State of New York.  We are also insured and carry a $2,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability and Marine insurance policy, which also covers fire.


2) Does your company use professional equipment ?

Yes, we do.  We only use professional audio equipment, which are built to withstand daily use. Our sound and lighting equipment are regularly maintained.  This is to insure that no problems will arise at your event.  To see a list of our equipment, please refer to our equipment section. 


3) Will your company provide a contract and references ?

A list of references are provided in the information package you will receive when you first contact us about your event.  Upon confirming your event, we will mail or fax you two copies of our written contract.  The contract will list the date, time and place of your event.  Two copies are sent so that both parties will have a copy.  You may view our references at anytime.


4) Will your Disc Jockeys be suitably dressed for my event ?

The staff of Jam Mix productions are always properly attired.  Our apparel includes tuxedos for all formal engagements and staff collared work shirts or turtlenecks for semi and casual events.  We also maintain a strict non-smoking and alcohol free policy.


5) Does your DJ's know the proper etiquette for my wedding ?

Your wedding will be custom tailored to your needs " what you want is what you get ".  Our MC's will be your liaison for your special day.  All you need to do is relax and enjoy your event and leave the work to us.  From your initial call to the ending of your event, our staff will make sure every detail, from music to announcements are covered.  We have also prepared some special forms and wedding tips that you may download from this site.  They are free for your use and should help you in planning your wedding day.


6) Will your DJ(s) arrive on time and do they take requests ?

Our standard arrival time is one hr before the start of your event.  This will insure that all equipment is setup properly. On larger events, we will arrive earlier than the one hr.  Once all equipment has been setup, your DJ(s) will beginning playing music.  During your event, your guests should feel free to ask for requests.  All songs will be played, if they are appropriate to the general setting of your event.  You may also present us with your listing of special songs prior to the event.  We will try to insure that all your special requests will be available to you.  You may also review or download our top 200 song listing.


7) Does your company have backup staff and equipment ?

If an emergency should arise, we do carry backup equipment for each system.  We also have backup staff members in case of illness or accidents.  Because at Jam Mix Productions, Inc. " Service and Quality First... We Guarantee It ".  You may review all our services or visit our favorite links.  Thank You.





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